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Routine eye exams are more important than you might think. Not only does the optometrist determine your vision prescription, but we also check for potential health issues—and it’s always preferable to identify potential health issues before they turn into significant problems. When you’re in need of a new prescription, or if you’re shopping around for eyeglasses or contact lenses, look no further than Arizona Eye Consultants.

Everyone Needs an Annual Eye Exam

Even if you’ve never had a vision problem before, and even if you don’t need prescription eyewear, you still need to visit us for an annual eye exam. Your vision health is subject to change over time. An annual visit to one of our offices will allow us to detect eye problems as early as possible, when they can be effectively managed. In some cases, we may recommend an eye exam more than once per year. For example, if you have a chronic disease like diabetes, take certain medications, or have a family history of vision loss, we may recommend more frequent exams.

At Arizona Eye Consultants, it’s our mission to make your patient experience as positive and pleasant as possible. Our entire team works to ensure your comfort, and we prioritize patient education. We always appreciate it when patients ask our optometrists questions about their vision, because patient engagement is essential for good health.

When you’re getting ready to visit us for optometry services, please ensure that you bring all prescription eyewear, if applicable, including eyeglasses and contact lenses. It’s also a good idea to bring dark sunglasses for your ride home, as we may need to dilate your eyes.

We Offer Emergency Care in Tucson for Serious Vision Problems

Arizona Eye Consultants is pleased to offer 24/7/365 emergency vision care to our patients in Tucson. We accept emergency cases on a walk-in basis (and will even see non-emergent patients on a walk-in basis if we have room in our schedule). Our knowledgeable optometrists often assist our ophthalmologists with emergency cases.

Some of the types and signs of vision emergencies include the following:

Depending on the diagnosis, waiting too long to get help can result in permanent vision loss. Please don’t delay; have someone drive you to one of our offices right away.

Tips for Choosing New Eyewear

Arizona Eye Consultants offers a wide assortment of eyewear. You can choose from eyeglasses in a range of brands, styles, colors, and price points. We also offer many types of contact lenses, enabling our patients to find exactly the right lenses for their needs and preferences. When selecting a new pair of glasses, consider the following tips:
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Contact Our Friendly Team to Book an Appointment in Tucson

With five convenient locations to serve Tucson residents, you’re sure to find a clinic near you. Contact Arizona Eye Consultants today to request an appointment for our optometry services. You’ll enjoy browsing our collection of stylish and affordable eyeglasses, and our optometrists are always happy to recommend comfortable contact lenses if your current brand is less than satisfactory.
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